Position statements

EWOV's Position Statements detail our general approach to seeking resolutions between customers and companies across common complaint issues.  

Position Statements are general in nature and should be viewed as a common guide to case handling. When a complaint is investigated by EWOV, it is still considered on a case-by-case basis.

When creating Position Statements, we take into account our experience in handling specific types of complaints, relevant laws and codes, good industry practice and other factors that assist us in reaching fair and reasonable outcomes.

Position Statement 1 – Meter access and estimated billing [PDF, 587 KB]

Position Statement 2 – Credit collection and default listing [PDF, 502 KB]

Position Statement 3 – Compensation for damage and loss following voltage variation [PDF, 836 KB]

Position Statement 4 – Compensation for damage and loss following electricity outage [PDF, 585 KB]

Position Statement 6 - Payment difficulties and hardship – Urban water businesses [PDF, 590 KB]

Position Statement 7 - Family violence - November 2019 [PDF, 815 KB]