What happens when you contact us?

What happens when you contact us depends on whether you want information or to make a complaint, as well as the nature of your complaint.

If you contact us for general information

If you don’t want to complain, but still want general information or to tell us something, we call this an enquiry. We’ll do our best to answer your question, and we may also refer you to another agency. 

If you contact us to make a complaint

If you contact us because you are dissatisfied with a company policy, practice or customer service performance, and you want a resolution, we call this a complaint. Our complaint process is split into stages.

If you haven’t spoken to the company yet, we will refer you back to its call centre. We call this an Unassisted Referral.

If you’ve already contacted your company but couldn’t resolve the problem, we’ll usually register an Assisted Referral. This means that we contact your company and ask it to investigate your concerns. It has three business days to contact you by phone or in writing, and 15 business days to resolve your complaint.

If you don’t hear from your company or if you’re not happy with its response, contact us again. We will begin an Investigation. This is when an EWOV Conciliator investigates your complaint by gathering all the relevant information. The Conciliator helps you and the company find a fair and reasonable resolution.

Occasionally, if you have special circumstances or a particularly complex case, we may skip the Assisted Referral and start an Investigation straight away.

If we can’t help you

If we can’t help with your complaint, we will tell you why and refer you somewhere more suitable.

You can find a list of complaints we can't take here: complaints we can and can't take