Past events

Wednesday 18 July 2018

Hobsons Bay Settlement Network Meeting

The Ombudsman will give a presentation to this family violence network. 

10:00am to 12:00pm
Laverton Community Hub
95-105 Railway Avenue, Laverton VIC (map)
Thursday 21 June 2018

Western Integrated Family Violence Committee | Caroline Springs Community Health Centre

The Ombudsman, Cynthia Gebert, will be speaking to Western Integrated Family Violence Committee. She will explain how EWOV can help people in family violence circumstances, and how they should contact us.

12:00pm to 1:00pm
Djerriwarrh Health Service - Caroline Springs Community Health Centre
Level 1, 13-15 Lake Street, Caroline Springs VIC (map)
Wednesday 20 June 2018

Bring Your Bills Day | Flemington and Kensington Community Legal Centre

Flemington and Kensington Community Legal Centre has organised a Bring Your Bills Day. It's an opportunity for customers to come and talk a number of different organisations, such as Centrelink and the City of Melbourne directly. EWOV will be there, and we can review customer's energy and water bills and even raise cases.   

For more information, have a look here

10:00am to 4:00pm
Flemington Community Centre
25 Mt Alexander Road, Flemington VIC (map)
Wednesday 9 May 2018

Senior Citizens Reference Group

EWOV will be presenting to a number of seniors groups and clubs at this event, organised by Manningham Council. 

The meeting is an opportunity for various organisations to exchange ideas and information, and for EWOV to explain how we can help.

10:00am to 12:00pm
Manningham Function Centre
699 Doncaster Road, VIC 3108, Melbourne VIC (map)
Thursday 3 May 2018

Modern Ageing Forum

Manningham Council has organised a wide-ranging event to help people age well in the modern world.

The event will include presentations on identifying elder abuse, exploring housing options and technology that assists with independent living.   

Dementia Australia will also present an interactive session to help people identify and cope with memory problems. 

EWOV will be providing information on how we help Victorian consumers. Read more about the event.

1:30pm to 6:00pm
Manningham Function Centre
699 Doncaster Road, VIC 3108, Doncaster VIC (map)
Wednesday 18 April 2018

EWOV Presentation at the Refuge of Hope

Refuge of Hope is a non-profit organisation in partnership with Scanlon Foundation. Their mission is to assist the wellbeing of immigrants, refugees and international students from Latin America living in Melbourne.

EWOV staff will attend the Refuge of Hope to assist in preparing food parcels for those in need. EWOV's Ombudsman, Cynthia Gebert will discuss energy and water issues with attendees.  

For more information about the Refuge of Hope, check out their website:  

1:30pm to 3:30pm
St Brigid Catholic Church
378 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy North VIC (map)
Wednesday 18 April 2018

Australian Vietnamese Women's Association - Green Sustainable Lifestyle + Solar Showcase Information Session

Hosted by the Australian Vietnamese Womens Association, this event will showcase sustainable living practices and information about solar photovoltaic systems.

EWOV will host a stall and provide information and resources to approximately 100 local Vietnamese community members. 

10:00am to 1:00pm
Springvale Town Hall
397 - 405 Springvale Road, Springvale VIC (map)
Thursday 22 March 2018

Day at the Zoo

EWOV will be joining City West Water, Victoria Police, the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade, South East Water, Yarra Valley Water, Ambulance Victoria and many other like-minded essential service organisations for a Day at the Zoo.

Presented by the Victorian Multicultural Commission, this event is celebrating its tenth year and is a celebration of Cultural Diversity Week.

More than 1,200 adult students studying English as an additional language have been invited to enjoy a day out at the Zoo and an opportunity to talk to organisations that can help them integrate into the community and improve their health and financial situation.   

EWOV staff will be available to talk with attendees and will hand out fact sheets, show bags and other useful materials. 

10:00am to 2:00pm
Melbourne Zoo
Elliott Avenue, Parkville VIC (map)
Sunday 4 March 2018

Greater Dandenong Sustainability Festival

As part of the Sustainability Festival, we will be running an information stall where members of the public can collect EWOV show bags, information resources and speak to our staff about their energy and water issues. Read more about the festival.

10:00am to 3:00pm
Clow and Cleeland StreetsDandenong Market, Dandenong VIC (map)
Friday 13 October 2017


EWOV will be providing information about our services and answering questions from the community.

2:00pm to 2:30pm
Ballarat Library
178 Doveton St N, Ballarat VIC (map)