Helping customers with energy and water

Community workers often make complaints on behalf of customers. When you contact us, we'll check that you have the customer's permission to act on their behalf and ask that they complete an Authority to Act form. Download the form for:

We have forms in several languages.

Customers can authorise a single individual or anyone from your agency to act on their behalf. To authorise anyone from your agency, they should write the organisation name in the ‘authorise’ field on the EWOV form.

Before contacting us to make a complaint, you or the customer should have tried to resolve the problem directly with company.

Payment difficulty and financial hardship

If your customer is experiencing payment difficulty or serious financial hardship, see our pages on trouble paying a bill, energy disconnection and water restriction and debt collection and credit default listings for information and links to relevant resources.

The rules about how companies must assist customers experiencing payment difficulty or financial hardship are set out in the:

The Essential Services Commission, which regulates energy and water retail in Victoria, has these and other codes and guidelines on its website.