Our principles

Our work is guided by the Commonwealth Government's Benchmarks for Industry-based Customer Dispute Resolution. The Benchmarks set out the principles of accessibility, independence, fairness, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness.

EWOV Independent Review

We undertake regular independent reviews of our compliance with the Benchmarks.

We have recently appointed Cameron.Ralph.Khoury to conduct a review of EWOV against the Benchmarks. This review will seek feedback from a wide range of scheme stakeholders including customers, scheme participants, regulators and community agencies.  

Cameron.Ralph.Khoury has prepared an Issues Paper to assist stakeholders to participate in the review.  It will be one of a number of methods used as part of the review. 

Submissions are requested by 12 September 2019. If in writing, they may be made publicly available on EWOV’s website unless confidentiality is requested in the submission. They need not be formal or lengthy. Written submissions should be sent to: EWOV_independent_review@crkhoury.com.

2014 Independent Review

The last review, by CameronRalph Navigator in 2014, found that EWOV meets the Benchmarks and is a professionally-run scheme whose staff are highly engaged with their work and committed to continuous improvement. The Final Report made recommendations for ‘subtle shifts in balance’, to which the Board has responded.