Our principles

Our work is guided by the Commonwealth Government's Benchmarks for Industry-based Customer Dispute Resolution (the CDR benchmarks). The CDR Benchmarks set out the principles of accessibility, independence, fairness, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness.

EWOV Independent Review

The effectiveness benchmark requires schemes, like EWOV, to undertake regular independent reviews to assess our compliance with the CDR Benchmarks.

2019 Independent Review

We were reviewed by cameron.ralph.khoury in 2019 and found to meet the CDR Benchmarks.  We remain “ a professionally run external dispute resolution (EDR) scheme” that has the “strong support of both consumer organisations and Providers”. The Final Report provides valuable feedback about how the EWOV Scheme should evolve and suggests areas that will support  improved performance against the CDR Benchmarks.  The EWOV Board considered and responded to these recommendations. 

2014 Independent Review

The last review, by CameronRalph Navigator in 2014, found that EWOV meets the Benchmarks and is a professionally-run scheme whose staff are highly engaged with their work and committed to continuous improvement. The Final Report made recommendations for ‘subtle shifts in balance’, to which the Board has responded.