Complaints about our work

Complaints about our work

From time to time, we receive complaints about how we’ve done our job. We have procedures in place to handle complaints from customers and scheme participants.

The following types of complaints may be made to us:

How we have handled a case

A customer or scheme participant may request that we review the handling of a case. The customer or scheme participant may be concerned about the progress of the case, or they may have a query about the application of an EWOV policy or procedure.

Our decision to close a complaint where we think a fair offer has been made

A customer may complain about EWOV’s decision to close their case on the basis that a fair and reasonable offer has been made by the scheme participant which has been declined by the customer. You can ask us to do an internal review of our investigation into your complaint — if your complaint is closed and if you can explain how one of the three grounds for an internal review applies:

  • bias — you believe we made a biased decision during the investigation.
  • error/omission in the investigation — you believe we made errors or omitted something during the investigation.
  • the unavailability of new information that has since become available - you have new information that was not previously available and which is relevant to the case.

Our broader operations

This is where a scheme participant or member of the public wishes to complain about a broad aspect of the scheme’s operation. This does not include concerns about the handling, investigation or finalisation of a specific complaint.

Our jurisdiction to handle a particular complaint

This is where EWOV has received a complaint for investigation, and the scheme participant disputes EWOV’s jurisdiction to handle the particular complaint.

For more information, view our Internal Complaint Handling Policy [PDF, 319 KB].