Under ‘Process for complaints’, you’ll find out how to lodge a complaint with EWOV and what will happen once you do. You can also read about how we approach dispute resolution, the different stages a complaint may progress through and our issues categories.

If you’re a financial counsellor or you have another community agency role where you work closely with clients, you’ll find useful more-tailored information under ‘Advice for community agencies’.

Under ‘Billing’ (the biggest issue of complaint to EWOV), you’ll find a range of information about energy and water billing to help you understand the billing process, the payment assistance that may be available to you, what needs to be done on moving into or out of a property and meters.

Before you contact EWOV with your complaint, you must first try to resolve the issue with your electricity, gas (including LPG) or water company. EWOV is a free service.
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